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      Urban tailoring
      Doron Ashkenazi is a leading designer and creator that has been influencing the
      Israeli fashion for over 30 years.
      The brand was established in 1998- “Doron Ashkenazi- Men’s Clothes” .
      in Tel Aviv.
      The first collection contained a line of tailored suits and casual clothes
      We believe in progressive – yet timeless – design, strong tailoring and attention to detail. We’re passionate about DIVERSITY, CREATIVITY and SELF EXPRESSION.
      New language
      Urbanity that mixes old and new, dirty and clean, colourful and shiny, Colourful and grey sparkling and dull, cultural and street style. The look - moves away from passing trends to stay true and always relevant. And the item produced in small series retains its value and remains special and rare.
      Professional values
      Tailoring of high-quality clothing, classic cuts and many years of expertise are reflected in layer upon layer, colour r on colour, mixed on the desktop, cut and sewn carefully and carefully.